Bipolar disorder.

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Bipolar disorder is a type of mood disorder characterized by extreme emotional ups and downs. The main cause is a chemical malfunction in the brain. Or it may occur in people who have accumulated stress. or frequent sleep deprivation as well. The symptoms can be divided into two groups: Mania, which is a good mood, lively, and fun, and Depression, so this disease is called Bipolar disorder (positive = mania and negative = depression)UFABET

Usually each day People will experience ups and downs to a certain extent and then return to their normal lives. Can be responsible for work, family, and society. But people who have abnormal emotions are positive or negative emotions for 1-2 weeks or more. and unable to return to normal mood It affects your daily life and relationships with people around you.

Spotting early symptoms is not difficult. In general, patients will have early signs including:

  1. Positive : easily irritated, unable to sleep for 2-3 days, talking more, being unusually cheerful. Or some people may have extravagant spending habits.
  2. Negative pole is abnormal sadness, feeling worthless. Bored, don’t want to do anything, think negative, feel like you don’t want to live. 

More and more is becoming known about bipolar disorder all the time, and, with the right treatment, people living with bipolar disorder can enjoy good health and live well.