Leipzig beat Atalanta 1-1 Europa first game.

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Leipzig survived a defeat at home to a 1-1 draw at Atalanta in the Europa League quarter-final first leg on Thursday.

Starting the game, Leipzig dominated the attacking game immediately. But in the 16th minute, it was Atalanta who turned 1-0 ahead of Luis Muriel. Show his unique ability to dribble the ball from the left side. Penalty area before spinning with the right to pass the ball into the net beautifully.

In the 24th minute. Leipzig almost equalized when Atalanta’s defense cleared the ball in the direction of Andre Silva in the box. But the ball hit the post hard. Dani Olmo dropped before rocking a narrow shot. But was save UFABET by Juan Musso.

Leipzig’s stoppage time Leipzig nearly hit another goal. When Remo Freuler thrust the ball into the left-hand penalty area for Mario Pasalic to run. After a narrow angle shot past Peter Gulacci’s hand. But the ball crashed. The post bounced back, finishing 45 minutes. Atalanta led 1-0.

The second half, 53 minutes, Atalanta had another chance to shoot when Luis Muriel picked up the ball directly near the skull before pressing it with the right. The ball hit hard, but Peter Gulacci was able to flick the ball before he could catch up again.

Five minutes later.

Leipzig took a penalty when Christopher Nkunku was kicked by Merih Demiral’s ankle, and Andre Silva took charge of Juan Musso’s first-time save. Atalanta goalkeeper Willy Orban repeated the header and was saved again. 

But in succession, Leipzig picked up the ball on the left side. Angelino’s high opening into the penalty area, Willy Orban, beating with Davide Zappacosta, causing Zappacosta to block the wrong corner. Pass the ball into his own goal. causing the score to return to 1-1

At the end of the game in the 82nd minute, Leipzig missed the lead, unfortunately when Angelino opened the ball for Dominic Soboszlai to have a header, but the ball hit the crossbar. 

Then the game, both teams are tied 1-1, there are still both chances. The second leg will return to Atalanta’s home next Thursday.