Darwin Nunez has changed his agent to Mendes.

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Benfica striker Darwin Nunez has announced his departure from his former agent once his contract expires. Coming in with super agent George Mendes’ Gestift is a major move ahead of the 2022 football summer market opening months.

Darwin Nunez the 22 -year -old footballer has a remarkable form have just scored 1 goal in the Champions League quarter- final first match in the middle of the week. Unfortunately losing to Liverpool 1-3. But UFABET the overall personal record goes up to 28 goals from 35 games.

Just 48 hours after the match. The Uruguayan footballer informed his Twitter account that. He would no longer be work with the former agent Edgardo Lasalvia.

“ I want to make it clear that I will not renew my contract with the same agent Edgardo Lasalvia. ” tweeted the @Darwinn99  account.

” I would also like to clarify one more thing that there were no threats to me and my family. We are fine. ” 

Additional reports from buy – sell guru Fabrizio Romano indicate that Nunez has picked his new agent, Superagent Mendes’ Gestift. Who is in charge of top player Chris. Tiano Ronaldo , Fabinho , etc.  

However  ‘ Deario Records ‘ the Portuguese media confirmed that La Salvia has not yet accepted the matter. and will fight with all his heart to hold on to the fragrant meat with himself or until there is a beautiful compensation to compensate.