Klopp is confident that Liverpool have targeted players to reinforce the army.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has expressed confidence the club will be able to bring in a number of target players this summer. Even though he didn’t go to play in the UEFA Champions League.

Liverpool have failed plans to bring Dortmund midfielder Jude Bellingham to the team because the price is too high. Recent reports have revealed that the player is determined to move to Real Madrid.

Meanwhile, Brighton midfielder Alexis Mac Allister and Chelsea’s Mason Mount are currently linked with the club. The German coach is confident that the team will definitely get top goals that they want to join the team.

“We cannot buy players if the price is too high. we probably can’t But we will bring players in. I’m pretty sure we’ll bring in the players we need and the people who will help us. I’m pretty sure about that.’ said Klopp UFABET

“You never know 100 per cent until they sign. But that’s not new. Some clubs may do that. let me say this You can specify a location and you’re not the only option in that location. That means they are really good.”

“You may have someone who likes it but if other clubs don’t want to sell or another team pays a price you can’t afford, usually we get the players we want. One thing we can afford them. And then they are here.”